Permanent Eyelashes – Make Your Eyes Attractive!

Beautiful eyelashes

Women world over try everything possible to own long luscious and attractive eyelashes; they want to flutter and flirt with their eyelashes like the Hollywood celebrities. After all well accentuated eyes are the first thing that people notice about you. There are several methods to enhance the eyelashes, but if you are looking at a long lasting solution that you should go for permanent eyelashes.

Beautiful eyelashesThere are various kinds of eyelashes available in the market – temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. The temporary and semi-permanent ones are not long lasting and are not the best solution to your eyelash woes.

But if you are looking at a permanent solution to enhance your eyes you should go for permanent eyelashes.

These long lasting lashes are made from an individual’s own hair and are surgically implanted on the upper eye lid. This surgery will stimulate the eyelash follicles and lead to growth of longer, thicker and permanent eyelashes.

What are permanent extensions?

These extensions are made from hair present at the back of your neck. Each individual strand is detached from the root and subject to cleaning. All excess oil, any other dirt and skin cells are thoroughly removed. The procedure involves the removal of close to 50 to 100 individual hairs and these are transplanted one by one.

How are they transplanted?

The hair is transplanted surgically on the upper eyelid. You are subject to general anesthesia and tranquilized to restrict any damaging movements. The surgery is essentially pain free and noninvasive. The surgery takes anywhere between two to four hours and does not require any hospitalization.

Since it is a surgery involving the eyes care should be taken that only a certified cosmetologist or trained and licensed beautician does it.permanent eyelashes

Maintaining the lashes

The surgery stimulates the hair follicles and leads to hair growth. As a result these permanent eyelashes grow fast and require trimming once in four to six weeks.

Precautions for surgery

Beautiful eyelashesThough surgery as a permanent solution to your eyelash woes seems a cool and easy you must not throw caution to winds. You should research about the procedure and its pros and cons, especially with relation to your health; ensure that the clinic or facility where the procedure is done maintains good hygiene and uses sterilized equipment.  Seek a cosmetologist advice before you spend the extra dollars. Incidentally, the consultation should be free.

Who Gets Eyelash Implants?

It is not only for esthetic looks that people opt for permanent lashes, there are those who have problems like lash falling. People who suffer from Trichotillomania a condition where the patient tends to pull out hair from the body, especially eyebrows, eyelashes and hair on the head. Then those who are recovering from chemotherapy and have shorter or no eyelashes at all can consider permanent lash implants.

There is a solution to every problem in the world and your eyelash woes are the least of them. With knowledge in your hand do not hesitate to flutter your eyes once again because you know you can do it effortlessly with your permanent extensions.